Fallout 4 “Pip-Boy Edition” comes with actual Pip-Boy

In the world of extravagant collector’s edition items, Bethesda may take the crown for the most relevant, useful, and supremely awesome pack-in of all time.

The Fallout 4 “Pip-Boy Edition” which launches November 10th this year, will come complete with a replica Pip-Boy.

Not to go too crazy, the company didn’t make the unit functional. Though, you can throw your iPhone into it, download a free second-screen app and make the Pip-Boy function as, well, a Pip-Boy. It’s quite ingenious, really.

This edition of the game will run players $119, a far cry from some collector’s editions which run up over $200. The reasonable price should help move some units, especially because so many Fallout fans are diehard Fallout fans.

The app, available for download when the game is in the wild, can also be used on its own as a second screen for the game, making available all the usual Pip-Boy functions that the game has to offer. Second screen functions will work on both the PC and console versions of the game while the app will be available on iOS and Android.

Fallout 4 hits shelves (and digital marketplaces) on November 10, 2015. Look out for our full impressions of the game later this week!