Four new Devolver Digital titles coming to PS4 first

Sony announced at its E3 2015 press conference that the team at Devolver Digital is hard at work on a bunch of new titles, four of which will be on PlayStation 4 before heading to other consoles.

Each title is a unique entity, though all are 8-bit, retro-styled games.

Mother Russia Bleeds is a side-scrolling, co-op brawler that amps up the blood and guts and gore with ridiculous decapitations and maiming animations. MRB is due out in 2016.

Crossing Souls is an 80’s style action game with a very Day of the TentacleSam & Max Hit the Road vibe with at least one level taking place on what appears to be the Bayside High School set from Saved by the Bell high school.

EITR is an RPG dungeon-crawler set in Norse mythology that reminds us of a pixelated version of Bastion.

Ronin is a side-scrolling stealth game with graphics similar to Canabalt in both colour and visual style.

All games are due out in 2016, except for Ronin which is due later this year. Crossing Souls is also coming to the PlayStation Vita.