Trackmania Turbo gets even crazier this year

Ubisoft has a habit for the crazy stuff sometimes. First, it was Trials Fusion Awesome Level MAX, now it’s Trackmania Turbo.

The game is launching with new features on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The biggest draw here is the procedurally generated track system that can create some seriously insane routes for your vehicles. It isn’t a user-involved system, either. Rather, you press one button and go. The game will layer in the main terrain, add in height and depth, then the main track elements, and some foliage and signage. Then, you’re off to the (insane) races. Really, the only way to properly describe it is with the trailer above and all that it can do.

Of course, if you’re not into making your own tracks, you can also use one of the over 200 tracks that come with the game. Yep, two freaking hundred.

Trackmania Turbo launches on the aforementioned platforms on December 1st in North America while Europe will get the title on November 26th.