Mario’s 30th Anniversary amiibo is beautiful

Nintendo has always had a way with celebrating its anniversaries. It’s hard to believe that it was five years ago that the company celebrated 25 years of Mario with a collection for the Wii that has yet to be outdone (basically, it has Super Mario World which is an instant win).

This year, for the plumber’s 30th anniversary, the company is releasing two pixel-art amiibo for their Wii U platform, and they’re some of the most beautiful amiibo we’ve seen. Don’t worry, the “cute amiibo” crown still goes to those plush Yoshis.

The amiibo come in two colours: classic and modern. The classic colour is a bit more drab but shows off the original hues of the character. The newer one brings in his classic blue suspenders and yellow buttons, which makes the red pop out a lot more.

Perhaps the best part about it is that Mario is coming out of a warp pipe base that has “Super Mario Bros. 30th” written on it, and rather than being a flat piece of pixel art, Mario himself is three-dimensional as well. Some creative liberty had to be taken there, of course.

The actual amiibo functionality of both figures is identical, providing a Mega Mushroom in Super Mario Maker.

Take a look at the two amiibo and let us know which one you’ll be picking up! We will, of course, be grabbing both when they launch later this year to coincide with Super Mario Maker on September 11, 2015.