WB Has Delayed Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Into October

Those who were hoping to journey back to Middle-Earth this summer will be disappointed to hear that it just won’t be possible. At least, not within the confines of Monolith Productions’ anticipated Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, as the game has been delayed until October 10th from its original August release date.

This news comes to us from the game’s community forums, where its developer has stated that the difficult decision was made in order to make sure that its own quality standards are met. It’s hard to argue with this reasoning, too, given that waiting for a polished experience is preferable to playing a rushed and buggy product as soon as possible.

“As with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Monolith is committed to delivering the highest quality experience,” Community Manager Andy Salisbury stated. “In order to do this, we have made the difficult decision to move our launch date to ensure that Middle-earth: Shadow of War will deliver on that promise.”

Expect to hear more about Middle-Earth: Shadow of War at this month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.