There is no doubt that Microsoft and the team at Xbox have been the clear leaders in the limited edition console space for a while.

Going all the way back to the Xbox 360’s Star Wars model with an R2-D2 console and C-3P0 controller, the company has since done a Tomb Raider controller with physical etchings and discolouration and they’ve even had a Sea of Thieves-branded controller with glow-in-the-dark elements and a sandy appearance. Of course, that layered ice effect on the Gears 5-themed Xbox One X from last year is nothing short of gorgeous, and then of course there is Xbox Design Lab, where you can create virtually any combination of controller colours, grips, and button styles you want.

And now, there’s the Xbox One X Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Bundle.

This new console takes so many of Microsoft’s efforts in the past and combines them to form a truly stunning console and controller combination.

Designed by the teams at CD Projekt Red and Microsoft, the Xbox One X console has glow-in-the-dark features, decorative panels, color-shifting effects, and different textures. It also has unique LED placement, indicating this is not just a shell on existing Xbox One hardware.

The controller, inspired by Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Silverhand character features a “half natural, half cyber-enhancement chrome design,” according to a press release issued by CD Projekt Red. The controller comes bundled with the console, however it is also available on its own right now.

Also included in the console bundle is a digital download code for the full game when it releases on September 17th, which CD Projekt Red says is still on track. There are also “other surprises” that will be announced closer to the console’s release sometime in June.

What do you think of the new console and controller designs? Let us know in the comments!

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