Never Miss Lunch: Two Canadian streamers will be gaming for good this coming week

Through a partnership with Subway and Food Banks Canada, two Canadian streamers will be gaming for the greater good on Wednesday, June 22nd. Their campaign is called Never Miss Lunch.

On that day, fans of AR12GAMING and MadameZoum will be able to watch streams hosted by both Nick Andrew and Valérie Vézina. They’ll also be able to engage with the two popular streamers, win Subway gift cards and enter a contest for the chance to stream alongside their favourite Canadian streamers.

Follow Nick and Valérie on Instagram for more information.

On June 22nd, $1 from every footlong sold in-restaurant will be donated to Subway Canada’s Never Miss Lunch program, in support of Food Banks Canada. Never Miss Lunch aims to provide nutritious food to kids in need during the summer months when many community-based lunch programs end. The need for youth hunger relief is great – children make up 33% of food bank users despite only making up 19% of the Canadian population.

“We continue to see the price of food soaring in our nation, leaving families in Canada no choice but to pay more for kitchen staples like bread, dairy and fruit and vegetables,” commented Kirstin Beardsley, Chief Executive Officer of Food Banks Canada. “This, combined with high housing costs and job losses due to the ongoing pandemic, have forced more people to use food banks. Trusted partners like Subway continue to step up for its community, and we are deeply grateful for their ongoing support.”

“Our local restaurant owners from every corner of the country bring passion, enthusiasm and heart when it comes time to alleviating child hunger within their communities,” said Doug Fry, Country Director, Subway Canada. “We’re committed to delivering high-quality, nutritious and fresh food to communities every year, and we look forward to working with Food Banks Canada to bring healthy food packs to Canadians. It’s been an exciting year as we embark on the fourth iteration of this initiative, following our late-April Eat Fresh Refresh™ launch in Canada.”

During the pandemic, there has been a 20.3% increase in food bank usage within Canada.

This is a great initiative, and something to support if you can do so. Every dollar helps.