Stereos: Much on Demand


Is it any surprise that we’re covering Stereos AGAIN!? I mean, they’re a huge success out of Alberta, have shot through the ranks with two number one singles (their debut singles, might I add), and they deserve mad respect because of it! Just listen to this: their first single, Summer Girl, went to number one within two days, beating out Boom Boom Pow! They’re latest, Throw Ya Hands Up then managed to beat that record by hitting number one in 21 hours! This time, they beat out the Black Eyed Peas, Cascada, Sean Kingston’s latest single, Michael Buble, Miley Cyrus, and Jay-Z. Are you freakin’ kidding me?! I’d be nuts not to cover everything they did!

With that said, they were on Much on Demand yesterday where they did the usual interview and interacted with fans. This time however, Stereos vowed to see every single person, shake their hand, and give out an autograph and take a picture with anyone who wanted it! That’s some pretty humbling class, considering they could’ve easily let all the attention get to their heads. Good to see they’re still grounded enough to appreciate the fans. Take a look at the pictures from the event.

Oh, and by the way, they hit CERTIFIED PLATINUM for Summer Girl, and got some pretty awesome plaques out of it! Congratulations Guys!