Call of Duty 2015 is Black Ops III

The age that SnapChat is the tool that game publishers unveil blockbuster video game titles is not one we’re thrilled to live in, but such is the hand we’re given.

Activision and developer Treyarch has posted a teaser trailer for the latest Call of Duty game, with its official reveal set for later this April. The teaser is quite obviously for a sequel to 2013’s Black Ops II, as the logo and box art is silhouetted in the teaser. Of course, we could be entirely wrong, but we don’t think so. And the web doesn’t seem to disagree with us. At. All.

Hell, even Activision is calling the trailer Back in Black, so maybe it’s not so farfetched a theory after all.

The game is going to be making its full debut on April 26th, following the same schedule for teaser-trailer releases that the company has been using these past five years or so.

We’ll let you know more about the game as information becomes available, but for now, expect to have zombies, guns, and familiar returning characters.