In a move that literally no one saw coming (not sarcasm), Microsoft has announced a big play for the pro gamer market with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

The new controller will function as an optional accessory for the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms and include a number of features to make every pro-gamer cry with joy. They include:

  • mappable buttons
  • trigger sensitivity levels
  • paddles
  • hair-trigger locks
  • hot-swappable components (holy crap!)

The controller will be out this fall, and we’re already calling it the world’s ultimate console controller, and it may give Valve’s Steam controller a good run for its money. No pricing or specific release date has been disclosed yet (Microsoft said it’s coming this Fall), but we expect the controller to run between $100 and $130 US, while add-on accessories will range anywhere from $15 – $30, depending on the number and quality of components in the set.

Of all the things Microsoft showed off, this is perhaps the most surprising and most exciting. Take a look below and let us know what you think!

UPDATE: We’ve learned that the controller will cost $149 in the U.S. No word on pricing in additional markets just yet.

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