Xbox’s Games With Gold promotion is set to have a big April

Like Sony before it, Microsoft has also revealed which experiences its customers will be gifted next month, as part of its consoles’ Games With Gold promotion. The two seem to have upped their game, too, because this also happens to be a very impressive list, which offers tons of quality gameplay through some rather noteworthy titles.

Those who both subscribe to Xbox Live and own an Xbox One console can look forward to two more Xbox One games next month, with both being critical successes. The first is an acclaimed and much talked-about puzzler, that being Jonathan Blow’s challenging, open world title, The Witness. It will be free throughout the entire month of April, and will be joined by Ubisoft’s open world period epic, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, on April 16th. Thus, those who haven’t played it can look forward to being able to experience one of the better Assassin’s Creed games at no additional cost.

Whereas The Witness will stop being free after April 30th, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate will remain at that price until May 15th.

While Sony’s list drops in quality after its two impressive PS4 freebies, Microsoft isn’t holding back on the Xbox 360/backwards compatible side. They’ll roll out two games, one of which is the nightmarish classic, Dead Space 2, which will become free on the 16th. Preceding it will be Avalanche Software’s surprisingly good Cars 2: The Video Game, which was very enjoyable and really stood out among the licensed movie-to-video-game crowd.

Needless to say, April will be a great month for the Xbox Games With Gold program. Perhaps its best yet.