We’ll make this simple. Our biggest titles of 2013, all wrapped up into one tidy little package.

This was a fantastic year for gaming, and it took a bit of work to get narrow some of these down to be on this list. It’s amazing to think we’ve had new a Assassin’s Creed announced and delivered, a new entry in the Star Wars movie franchise announced, new consoles from all three manufacturers (we’re counting the 2DS), and new Pokémon games. In a single year.

Whew. 2014, you’ve got a lot to live up to. And we have every faith you’ll be able to do it. (Don’t let us down, mmkay?)

These were the biggest stories of 2013:

10 ) Is this Assassin’s Creed IV?

9 ) Disney closes LucasArts, cancels First Assault and 1313

8 ) Nintendo announces Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

7 ) Nintendo announces 2DS. No, really.

6 ) Sony E3 Press Conference Recap / Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing / Nintendo Direct E3 2013 Roundup

5 ) Microsoft back-pedals on all Xbox One DRM!

4 ) Star Wars: Episode VII release scheduled for December 18, 2015

3 ) Pokémon X and Y for Nintendo 3DS announced

2 ) Sony sells 2.1 million PS4s in November / Xbox One sales surpass one million units in less than 24 hours

1 ) Microsoft announces Xbox One / Sony announces PlayStation 4

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